Awakening of Christ Consciousness in all beings

Welcome to The Inner Christ, a website dedicated to the Awakening of Christ Consciousness in all beings. This website features articles, links, and the written or channeled teachings of the greatest masters of Christ Consciousness. You can browse these by clicking on the graphic link of each person. We also invite you to meditate on the above symbol of the cross. There are numerous visual and encoded messages and meanings contained therein that can reveal to you many things. Also, if you feel the call, you may enter the link for our online course and further explore the “Awakening of Christ Consciousness.”

The message or teachings of Christ Consciousness have been alive since the beginning of time. The first civilization on Earth to nurture this consciousness was that of the Lemurians—the people who once populated the lost continent of the Pacific Ocean. It was here that Goddesses, with the assistance of their celestial Arcturian contacts, acted as guides for the human race. Then, upon the emergence of Atlantis, there were such new messengers of Light as Akanaton, Ra Ta, Isis, and Hermes (also known as Thoth), to name but a few. These great lightworkers used powerful temples and sacred teachings to initiate new masters into “The Great Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light.” These masters and initiates were part of a group known as “The Children of the Law of One.” The primary directive of this group was to anchor the Light of God into the Earth’s grids and into the consciousness of Earth’s inhabitants. This tradition and dedication would later morph into the message of the Israelites (Is Real Light) and then carried over into the teachings of the ancient Gnostics, mystics, and even the enigmatic Essenes, who authored the Dead Sea Scrolls and taught such great souls as Mother Mary, John the Baptist, and Jesus himself.

Two thousand years ago the way had been made clear enough for a person to be born into the full embodiment of Christ. This person was Jesus of Nazareth. Not only did Jesus live a life of complete expression of Christ Consciousness but he also initiated his apostles and Mary Magdalene into this level of mastery. Upon Jesus’ crucifixion and eventual resurrection and ascension, the Christ teachings were then transmitted to what historians refer to as the Early Christians—not those of a particular church but individuals who embraced the teachings of Jesus and dedicated themselves to carrying his message forward.

Because of the power, sacredness, and acceptability of these teachings, they were kept mostly underground and disseminated only to the highest initiates. Yet, as part of the Divine Plan, these teachings (which were meant to awaken humanity and not forever to be kept a secret) were also brought to the masses through loving words and actions—such as teaching and healing. Soon after Jesus’ ascension, his teachings (or transmissions of Christ Consciousness) were taken to the South of France by Mary Magdalene, as well as by her sister Martha and her brother Lazarus. Mother Mary then brought the teachings to England (Glastonbury) with the assistance of Joseph of Arimathea (a former member of the Sanhedrin that ordered Jesus’ crucifixion). These teachings that were brought to England eventually gave birth to the Arthurian Knights, whose job it was to protect and nurture the Christ teachings and many sacred relics related to Jesus, including the chalice (Grail) and spear, (Excalibur).

From here, the Christ Light was kept aflame by the Rosicrucians, a secret society that later became an invisible order (not to be confused with various groups who currently use this name). Several hundred years later, the message of Christ Light was passed on to the Cathars of Southern France and then to the Knights Templar. Soon thereafter, the teachings went further underground and did not surface for hundreds of years.

Eventually, the Christ frequency was brought back to the world’s awareness through the teachings of Edgar Cayce and then channeled through a woman in the form of A Course in Miracles. Today, the Light of the Christ is being rediscovered. Rather than appearing in one particular group, however, there are many individuals who feel its inner glow.

Of course, it stands to reason that the more lifetimes you may have spent in groups such as those mentioned here, the more you will feel a resonance to them today—including an unexplainable attraction to the life of Jesus or the Early Christians. The meaning of all this is clear. You’ve done this work before and are here once again to play a part in the Awakening of Christ Consciousness.

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