Awakening The Inner Christ

If you are viewing this page, it probably means you are considering registering for our online course on Christ Consciousness.

As we’ve already shared, the title is “Awakening the Inner Christ.” This course includes material that progresses each month through the various levels of human consciousness, passing through all seven chakras (symbolic of all levels of consciousness). As an initiate/student, you will create a closer connection with Spirit, as well as a direct connection to the soul consciousness of Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, and the angelic kingdom. All students will also be placed on the largest prayer lists of several of the largest spiritual organizations in the world, including the long-distance healings with John of God.
This is a twelve month advanced training for students and teachers of Christ Consciousness taught by Dr. Michael Mirdad. Each week, this course covers advanced teachings and spiritual concepts, as well as profound levels of personal application. Students learn to clear their consciousness centers (chakras) and live a life that reflects one’s Higher Self in every way possible. This includes cleansing the body, energy-centers, nervous-system, emotions, mind, and soul.

Please know in advance that this course will be slightly demanding on your body, mind, and soul but that the effects will prove immeasurable and permanent. After, and throughout the course, you will feel a greater sense of the Christ Spirit that dwells within your being. Furthermore, you will experience improved health, happiness, and relationships, as well as having clearer Guidance and the ability to command miracles in your life and in the lives of others.

This course offers weekly lessons in Christ Consciousness, which includes the following:

  • Channeled prayers for clearing your energy systems
  • Mystery teachings” of Jesus—some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene
  • Studies in symbolism
  • The truth about Jesus’ “missing years” among the Essenes and the “Mystery Temples”
  • Learning the secret keys to unlocking mystery teachings
  • Study of sacred books
  • A blog to exchange ideas and experiences from the lessons
  • Becoming a better healer
  • Increasing abundance and better health
  • Understanding past life associations with people closest to you
  • The power and effects of group prayer

If you are ready to commit to the online course on Christ Consciousness, please register here, or contact our office at (360) 671-8349 for making full payment, which allows a discount for paying upfront, or, click here to subscribe to 12 monthly installments of $100.

Once you are registered, you will (within a week) receive your password and log-in code (to be entered below) to begin the 12 month course of private weekly lessons. These lessons should not exceed more than a few hours of your time per week.

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