Mary’s Secrets

Coming soon…

Dear Friends in Light:

This email is coming to you, in part, due to the overwhelming feedback from the article I wrote a couple of months ago on the coming changes to the world in 2012 and beyond, as well as some recent insights that Spirit revealed to me. I now feel compelled to share a few more insights, which will be greatly expanded upon for students in our online “Awakening the Inner Christ” course. Anyway, I’ve decided to share a special letter with you all to explain a few incredible occurrences that will take place immediately—that is, this week.

First of all, did you know that Mother Mary spoke about this coming Easter weekend (April 2009) when she shared numerous prophecies with several visionary children many years ago during her miraculous visitations in Fatima, Medjugorje, and elsewhere? It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true. Mother Mary (now an ascended master) not only spoke of the general times in which we live, but she actually spoke of “this specific Easter week.” When I first visited Medjugorje in 1988, one of the visionaries singled me out to have a meeting with her to discuss future prophecies. I told her how concerned I was about the world’s condition, and she explained to me that Mother Mary had revealed to her several “secrets” or prophecies of what was to come and that although there would be a few wonderful things, there would also be some very tragic things, the latter being avoidable through prayers and changes within the hearts of mankind.

As of recent, I had forgotten all about these prophecies, as it had been many years since Mother Mary originally gave them. Furthermore, there was no word or update about these messages for quite some time. Nevertheless, I was recently meditating on what I was going to cover in my upcoming Healing Intensive at my Seattle retreat over this Easter week. Then, with inner vision, I was shown an exercise for our group that involved looking to the heavens for a few nights throughout the weekend, at which time a miracle of sorts would occur. I was then told that for some people, this would manifest as a special healing and for others as a vision or insight.

A few days later, I was internally told that the people on planet Earth would soon have a unique spiritual shift and that it would be during a full moon. Then, just a few hours later, I discovered we would have a full moon on the same evening of one of the workshop meditations. It would be at this time that humanity could receive a shift if they would but open their hearts and souls.

So, an update of Mary’s Messages has now landed on my doorstep, which details what Mother Mary prophesied for Easter weekend in 2009. First of all, she said that in the few months prior to this weekend there would be an incredible rise in volcanic and earthquake activity in the world. In case you haven’t noticed, just within the last several weeks, we’ve had volcanoes erupt in Japan, Russia, Alaska, and Tonga Island. Then of course we’ve also recently heard of large earthquake activity in Italy and Indonesia.

These events are just the beginning. Next, she predicted that Good Friday would mark the activation of the “first secret” and that this would be a day that people throughout the world should take a moment to do a self inventory to “own up” to our negative or unhealthy issues, habits, and addictions. On this day we are asked to surrender our past and our hearts and souls to the Living Christ Spirit.

Next, on Easter Sunday, comes the activation of the “second secret.” This secret is related to our acceptance of “comfort and healing” for whatever has been done to us and what we have done to others. In other words, it’s a day of forgiveness. Now let’s clarify one thing, we cannot accept the special blessing being poured out upon the world in the second secret if we do not first accept our responsibility in the first secret, which is owning our “stuff” and humbly surrendering our heart and soul to God.

Next comes the gradual manifestation of the rest of the several secret prophecies. These are too numerous to mention here, but they span over the next several years. What can be said is that the majority of the rest of the secrets are related to the end of life on Earth as we know it and then the rebirth into a new dimension of consciousness. However, the reason this weekend is so important is because whatever we do NOW will determine what role we play later. Now, is the time to get our priorities straight. This prophecy involves us making a commitment to accept the birth of Christ within our hearts and souls. These individuals will then receive a vision or feeling that something special is happening—and it is. These folks will more likely remain more closely guided from Spirit over the next several years, during times of great change on planet Earth.


1. Instead of being caught off guard by all of these shifts, try instead to practice more prayer and meditation. This will allow your frequency to rise to a point where you will be in a high enough vibration to hear the currently expanding “angel chatter” going due to all the masters and angels currently making preparations for this impending shift.

2. Watch and record your dreams and any unusual spontaneous insights or inspirations. These may give you clues as to what you need to do or heal to better attune you with the new direction of life on Earth.

3. Take some time during these few evenings to look to the heavens for some personal insights or even a miracle of sorts. Allow some of this time to be done with your eyes open and some time with your eyes closed. For some people, this could manifest as a special healing and for others as a vision or insight.

4. Last, but not least, please consider joining our group (in conscious intention) this weekend for prayer and meditation—even if you can’t be with us physically—for one or all of our special exercises. The first is at Friday at 3:00pm (Pacific time). The second is at 9:00pm (Pacific time). The third is on Sunday at 9:00pm (Pacific time). For each of these, we recommend you devote one hour to surrendering what you no longer need and receiving what Spirit has in store for you. During the 3:00 event on Friday, we are focusing on releasing the dark energies within the Earth plane, which includes inside of all people. During the evening ceremonies/exercises, we will be outdoors, looking within and looking to the sky for an experience of Light. Be sure to record your results and experiences. Love & Light, Michael Mirdad