Messages from Mother Mary

Coming soon…

as received by Robin Rose
My dear child I am always with you. I watch over you and bring shelter to your mind, as I do for every child of God who opens their heart to me.

These times are so full of distraction, so full of material wants and desires. The only true acceptable desire is the desire to know the love of God. Don’t look outside of yourself for God’s love as you will not find it. Look within. Stop. Be quiet. Pray and meditate. Focus all your free will on seeing the Face of Christ in your heart. Then you will know God.

Daily, you must commit to doing prayer and meditation to change the way you see the world. You must focus and lift the veils you hide behind. They bring you no peace, but rather only confusion that makes you question the love of your Father. Each day, share words of kindness with others. Be not mindless in doing so but feel the words you speak and be aware of the power behind them. Surrender to the Holy Spirit and let it guide you as to what to say.

Pray, pray, pray. Not to get, but to give. Pray for others, knowing in your heart that in doing so, you pray for yourself. Your Heavenly Father knows what you need and will act accordingly to benefit his children. Please remember that He knows what is best for you and the outcome may not look as your material self wanted it to but it will answer the prayer that is really in your heart and soul.

The most needed prayers must be for forgiveness and love. They must be to heal that which is tearing you apart from your true desires, to love and to be loved. I am not referring to the love of a human or for a human but the pure love of God. This is the love that transcended the cross and showed the world we are not of it, but merely guest in it. That love is called Christ. When your focus is on love and healing, whether you know it or not, everyone will step closer to the kingdom of Heaven.

I tell you truly, your hearts must be emptied of the hate and envy that guides it now. Let not these petty selfish thoughts of lack direct you any longer. Desperation is not of the Father so do not listen to its call. Call upon the angels to help you drown out the screams of the enemy/ego as you make your choices to heal. They are there waiting for you. They live to be of service to God and his children. Do not deny them that which brings them joy.

Open your heart. The heart is made to express love, not hold it back. It is not to be used to shower others with vengeance. It is a holding tank of compassion and hope. When released it flows like a river unto the ocean. Its power is natural and needs not struggle as it moves from one heart to another. My child, be open to the swift and mighty power of your Fathers love and your heart will stop weeping and instead overflow with joy. When the road gets rocky and you feel any confusion or despair, call upon the Christ and worry not that you will be heard. Then, your path will be cleared.

Next, watch the mind. What are you feeding it? The mind presents you with the voice of Christ OR the echo of the enemy/ego. The Father’s gift of free will allows you the choice of which one to listen to. Sadly, my child, most of you are listening to the wrong voice. Understand that the voice that screams loudest is not that of the Father. He speaks soft and sure. He knows what is right and needs not fight to be heard. Listen. Listen carefully. Listen with your ears, your heart, and your soul. Watch what happens around you. See the signs of God swirling in front of you. Trust in them, believe in them, after-all it was you who asked for them. And remember this, even in the silence, God’s love speaks louder than anything heard by human ears. Embrace it, take it in and then share it with others.

Blessings, the Divine Mother