Inner Christ Course Testimonials

The online course has been fantastic for me. I can’t imagine what this year would have been like without it! The scope is exactly what I’ve needed to support my integration and growth. While my morning practice isn’t “perfect”, the “homework” has become a part of me and my daily life. The wisdom and teachings are priceless, but the expanded awareness that comes with my understanding, wow…I have searched for the larger pattern, the over-reaching, and intellectually I understand. But not until this course did I begin to truly feel a part of it all. I’m so grateful for the wisdom and the experience, which has brought me the peace, foundation, and deep trust I have always been searching for. I’m not alone, and I’m not missing anything! So many reconnections happened for me. Also, the review weeks, and the decrees in this course, were just what was needed. Developing balanced self-discipline is a my biggest “challenge” and this course has been well…a God send!
–Martha, VA

The Christ Consciousness online course is truly life shifting. It is wonderfully set up, and each lesson gives you an opportunity to connect deeper to God and your spiritual path. The most enjoyable part of this course for me is seeing every lesson working through ALL parts of my life. It has empowered me and put me face to face with myself, creating much needed shifts. I am so grateful to be a part of such an empowering and inspirational course.
—Tiya, FL

The Inner Christ online course, with its ongoing incredible timing and seemingly supernatural synchronicity, offered me the perfect opportunity to continue my Spiritual education, and to feel connected, supported, and loved within a like-minded group. I have gained so much knowledge and am becoming much more secure in knowing what to do when facing life’s challenges. I am beginning to understand my own blocks and now have the tools to move more swiftly and easily through them. People are telling me that I seem more calm and confident and seem to bring them a sense of peace. This obviously isn’t just a course I’m taking, this is a course that has taken me. It has become a way of life!
—Jennifer, OR

The material in this course is astounding in breadth, fusion, and organization, and the results are powerful. It has been an excellent complement to my existing spiritual practice—broadening, enhancing, balancing, and evoking more of my soul’s purpose, as well as more forgiveness, the building block of Christ Consciousness. I have even become more intuitive. It is clear through the blog that many others are also having incredibly powerful awakenings and healings, a wonderful energy I am privileged to be a part of.
—Carol, TX

I’ve been on the spiritual path for many years now but I felt I needed some help taking it to the next step. I could feel my ego blocks and other things holding me back. I signed up for the Christ Consciousness course and every lesson has taken us on an incredible journey into ourselves—our true selves—our Divine selves. I feel lighter, happier and much more able to move forward in my personal life and my healing practice. It has shifted my perspective and my energy just as I was hoping it would. What a gift!
—Lisa, FL

Through this course on Christ Consciousness, I’ve watched my perception and understanding make shifts, both dramatic and subtle. What was a physical “reality” for me is now more like an awareness. I think I can imagine what it means to live and be as an integrated body, mind, and soul. I’m excited to even imagine this! My mind, my body, my whole self, more and more capable of receiving the vibration of Christ, of Love! Also, the advanced meditation we learned in this course is absolutely remarkable!!!
—Amelia, OR

I have been a Course of Miracles student for many years, but since I started the Christ Consciousness course, I have felt a profound shift in my understanding of both the Course of Miracles and God’s peace. Michael’s step by step progression through “Awakening the Inner Christ” has helped me focus my intent more deeply and build a sense of trust and confidence in my spiritual growth that is truly amazing.
—Jeanne, IA

The material in the Christ Consciousness course is deep and profound and is taught in a step by step, easy to apply manner. I love how we started off on the material level with practical cleansing in our lives, gradually making room for great new lifestyles choices and healthy belief-systems. It really is working and is a new part of my day that I enjoy very much. It seems so easy to feel God with me almost every moment throughout the day! The way the information is shared is easy to incorporate in all that I do. I have learned about myself, my thoughts, and how they affect my life. I am aware of things I never noticed before. Every week gets deeper and more interesting with nothing holding us back.
—Jackie, WA

What I really love about the course is that it keeps me on the path every day. Before doing this course, I would wander off, and then get so mad at myself. And it has, more than anything, helped me with my anger. Now I have more love and compassion for myself and everyone around me. Also, I love how it helped me to understand how we are all connected on all levels. So it is bringing me closer to GOD on all levels.
—Steve, NJ

The on-line course on Christ Consciousness has been an adventure in self discovery. This course helps us clean ourselves internally & externally . . . our bodies, cells, thoughts, closets, cars, and desks. The processes taught in this course have created a healing on a deep level, which opens us up more fully to our connection to Spirit and to our True Essence.

This course has completely changed my life for the better. Each week, as I read the new lesson, I am blown away by how Michael’s words and assignments open up the “blocks” to let the light pour in. The lessons just vibrate with truth and love, and are so practical and easy to incorporate into my daily routine. Every area of my life has improved: love, work, money, and health.
—Jan, HI

Unlike many online courses that tend to be mostly reading, Michael’s online course is very much experiential. In this course we (as individuals and as a group) are clearing away the veils of illusion, like cob webs, while working our way to the Truth. Before doing this course, I struggled with many things in my life. Now I have the tools to quickly and easily turn fear, frustration, and chaos into a greater abundance of love, peace, and joy. The ego no longer has control over me and now I know that it never really did.
—Dr. Geri, FL

I knew inside I had to take the online Christ Consciousness Course but I didn’t know why. Since starting the course, I’ve been able to carry myself in a higher, more relaxed state of consciousness throughout the day. I feel more relaxed, and have been able to notice when feeling agitated and use everything I’ve learned in this course to become more calm and productive with work, friends, and family.
—Susan, HI

The Inner Christ Online Course was one of the smartest choices to healing that I have made. It was wonderful having in essence, a spiritual life coach sending me material each week that I felt accountable in doing. Not only has the material helped me to clear emotional baggage, but it has also taught me valuable information that I was not able to hear from anywhere else. I feel as if one layer after another of my life has been cleared away, so much so that I have not experienced some of the typical emotional upheavals that were common for me before I began to apply what I learned from this Course. Also, my mind has opened up to far more synchronistic experiences, I am having first time ever psychic experiences, and I, most importantly, seem to be at peace with myself and everything around me. This Course has helped me to produce both internal and external miracles in my life and my own being.
—Angela, TX

The Awakening the Inner Christ online course covers everything you could imagine and more. It is truly amazing! The biggest shift I have experienced is in my understanding the illusion, this world, the universe, and myself. This has been huge for me. I am also getting all the tools to live a healthy and happy life until I decide to return home, to my Father . . . I feel so blessed to be guided trough baby steps and sometimes to what it feels like gigantic steps into my awakening by the hand and love of Dear Michael Mirdad. This is absolutely amazing stuff.
—Janny, BC