The Heart of Love – Mary Magdalene Speaks

as received by Gail Swanson
(Excerpts regarding Mary Magdalene’s description of Jesus)

If only you could hear the sound of his voice
Or know his touch

I speak of him with utmost devotion and love
For it was he that showed me the divinity that reigned within

He came to show us not only who he was
But who we are

Walking with him
Talking with him
Looking at him
Caring for him
Being completely
Mesmerized by him
The way he looked
The way he spoke
The way he walked

You would just drink him in
All else paled in comparison

If he was out of your sight
You could still feel him
But your eyes would grieve
For he is all they wished to see

Living became like a dream
With harsh interruptions of reality

His eyes were blue. The kind of blue you just get lost in. His voice seemed to come from another place for it went into you and completely filled you. He was firm in his words but ever so loving. The love that was emanating from him either captured you or turned you away.
He was full of joy. He was very lighthearted. He could be easily annoyed as well for the bickering and pettiness but always he forgave it. The way he loved the women was not understood and infuriated many. The women just adored him. They were lifted up on high and could feel the truth.

There are things taking place of which you are not aware, shifts and energies coming forth to facilitate peace and love and a great light if only you will choose. Some will be angered, for the message is strong and the vibration it carries frightens those who are layered with guilt and shame.

He was mostly so patient but there were times when he would answer strongly.
He was aware of what was needed, yes, but he wearied at times.

What transpired when he would speak. It would be as if an invisible force would just envelope you and the whole world would fall away and you knew, you absolutely knew you were hearing and participating in something not of this world.

There was a woman who came to him in great distress
But afraid to tell him of her true plight
For she was mistreated and not shown love
And she lived in despair and utter loneliness

So he told her of the love that was all around her
And he touched her and glorified her with his infinite love

He told her of the light that dwells within
He told her to find it and let none take this from her

And in his heart she felt pure love
And on this day she lifted her face
And received his blessing
And all was made new

Oftentimes a sadness would come upon him
And he would feel overwhelmed
Because of this
He understands
All the human emotions
He was not exempt from feeling these things
But he would pray and ask for guidance
And his faith
Would help him continue